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What Are The Real Causes of Cold Sores?
by Denny Bodoh

The basic cause of cold sores for everyone is the herpes simplex virus replicating new virus on the edge of your lip or nose.  But why, with nearly everyone (90%) infected, some get cold sores and some do not?  In just a minute you will know exactly why.

Here are the top 3 triggers that cause cold sores.

1. A weakened immune system causes cold sores.  Your immune system needs to be strong to keep the herpes virus from becoming active.  Several things affect your immune system, but the most important is the nutrients you get from food and supplements. The easiest way to boost your immune system in your hectic world is by taking a good vitamin and mineral supplement.  You just cannot get enough from your diet anymore.  If you get chronic outbreaks, it is because of a weakened immune system.

2. Large stores of arginine and low amounts of lysine in your cells can trigger cold sore activity. Arginine is an important ingredient for building new virus. Without sufficient arginine, new virus cannot be created, thus halting the replication.  This means no cold sores.  Lysine and arginine compete for the same space in the cell. Lysine does not support creation of new virus. Increasing your lysine stores can prevent, or greatly reduce, cold sore outbreaks.

3.If your body tends to be more acid, you are inviting the herpes virus to become active and this causes cold sores. The perfect pH balance for top health is 7.4. Normally the body will regulate your pH in the 6.5 to 7.4 range. A balanced diet of vegetables, meats, and fruits will help.  Your body uses calcium as its primary method of keeping your pH above 7.  It will suck calcium out of your bones to do this.  Eat foods high in calcium and take a good nutritional supplement that contains a good supply of minerals.  Tobacco, soda, and pork tend to cause acidity.

Quite likely you have heard that stress is the main cause of cold sores.  It is an accurate statement but it is not actually the stress but what it does to the body that brings on the outbreak events.  Physical or mental stress both affect you physically in three specific ways.  First, stress burns a lot of B and C vitamins, thus weakening your immune system.  Second, it lowers your body pH into the acid side of normal, which encourages the herpes virus.  Finally, it lowers lysine and raises arginine in your nerve cells.


Cold Sores are pure misery, and they show up at the worst times.  I used to get about four to six cold sores per year.  I tried everything, believe me.  You probably have too.  I don't get cold sore outbreaks anymore, because of a remedy I was given about 4 years ago.

It's a fact!    

Look -   Don't take my word for it.  I want you to be the judge.
I know that this cold sore miracle is not for everyone, but I do believe it is for you.
Actually, you will discover not only how to heal a cold sore fast, but how to totally prevent them.  Works great for my family and friends .... but you have to try it for yourself.

God Bless You
Denny Bodoh




I was skeptical but desperate so I tried your cold sore remedy.  WOW!  My cold sore was gone in 2 days.  Never seen anything like it!  Even the red spot was gone.  For me, this usually lasts a month normally.  Thank you so much.
Gina Hager, Buffalo, NY

A week before my wedding I got the biggest cold sore of my life.  I was desperate!  I began your cold sore treatment 4 days before the big day.  Within 2 days the cold sore was nearly gone.  By the third day, my lip was PERFECT!  THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH.  You saved my wedding!  Linda B., Santa Cruz, CA


 You feel a tingling on your lip and a small, hard spot that you can't yet see. Sure enough, in a day or two, red blisters appear on your lip. It's another cold sore, probably happening at a bad time, and there's no way to hide it or make it go away quickly.
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